A dispersal order has been put into place after reports of anti-social behavior in Lower Broughton.

This order includes locations such as Frederick Road and Peel Park to all of the Heath Avenue estate in Salford.

Under this order, anyone who is believed to be involved in anti-social behavior can be asked to leave the area immediately by a GMP officer.

Chief Inspector Ben Ewart of GMP’s Salford division said: “The dispersal order has been put in place following escalating tensions throughout the area over recent weeks. These have involved a large number of youths who have been engaging in ASB including criminal damage, wheelie bin fires and abuse.

“Residents are undoubtedly concerned therefore we have decided to step up our enforcement to provide a further ongoing visible presence with the dispersal order being just one part of our overarching response to support the community”.

In 2019, 1080 anti-social behavior crimes were committed in Salford and Eccles.

Anyone with any specific questions are encouraged to speak to their housing provider or attend one of the many community committees that take place across Salford.



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