The Co-op Academy in Walkden is appealing for items of clothing and accessories to help give every student the chance to dress up for prom.

The secondary school is asking to borrow items, which can be dropped off at their reception, to help the year 11 students in advance of their end of school celebration.



Assistant Headteacher Mrs C Earley said: “Here at Co-op Academy Walkden, we work to break down barriers. We want to ensure that all students can fully participate in our Academy life.

“Although Year 11 Prom is a wonderful experience, marking an important milestone for our students, for some the cost prohibits them to attend.

“We do not want anyone to miss out. This is why we have started the prom shop. We want all of our students to be able to enjoy this landmark moment as they progress to the next stage in their lives.”

In 2017 The Guardian reported that the estimated cost of prom in the UK for parents reached a total of £90m a year, with the average prom dress costing £220.

Many parents of secondary school children feel the strain to fund what can end up being an expensive evening, but one which nobody wishes to miss out on.

Wuu2 Salford has also praised the initiative for promoting the reuse and recycling of clothing, in a time of fast fashion.

Any questions about the scheme can be emailed to the school:

Featured image credit: kennedyfotos via pixabay

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