Salford support and care workers are celebrating their new wage, after years of campaigning.

From October 1, 2020 carers will be paid £9 an hour and support workers £9.30. This is a huge improvement from their current minimum wage pay.

This comes after many months of campaigning by Salford Unison and the workers, with the final persuasion taking place recently at a public meeting attended by the mayor and councillors.

Melissa Thomas, 33, a local support worker said, “I’m delighted. I put it on Facebook straight away that we’d won, it’s been a fight. But it will make a massive difference.”

“The mayor said it’s a start, and that care work is in crisis. He’s willing to work alongside us to improve it. There’s so much more to come and I’m so pleased that the mayor and council are now behind us” she said.

Melissa Thomas (Right) speaking at the meeting. Photo Credits to Melissa Thomas.

Support workers will be getting a slightly higher wage than carers due to the amount of time and effort that goes into their jobs.

“It’s not just support work, we deal with mental health, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, so much more. And that’s what people don’t see.

“I think we have always been paid minimum wage because the job description doesn’t justify the actual job role” she said.

Before this pay rise, support workers felt incredibly under-appreciated and many did not feel the stress of the job was worth the low wage.

Councillor Gina Reynolds of Langworthy raised her concerns for these workers, saying, “The impact on their mental health and quality of life is disgraceful.

“I’ve got real concerns for those care staff, they’re on the brink of leaving thanks to what they’re facing.”

Hopefully, this increase in wage will bring more people into the profession- which is much needed by many people in society.

However, the fight is not over. As support workers still believe they deserve better, they are hoping for an even higher wage and much more support.

“I think we should be paid at least £11 an hour and I won’t stop until I get it”

“We’re physiologists, doctors, nurses, we look after the sick and cheer people up. We check fire doors and water temperatures, we do much more than what we’re paid for” she said.

The pay rise is definitely a start, in what will hopefully become a massive change to the care profession.

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