During the constantly developing coronavirus pandemic, Salford restaurants and other social businesses are being hit hard.

Official Government advice is to avoid pubs and clubs, despite not offering any financial alternative for those businesses.

Dan Borza is the owner of Vintage Ambiance in Eccles.

“we’re almost forced to be open”

-Dan Borza, Vintage Ambiance

He says that life since coronavirus has been difficult, to say the least.

“You don’t tell the whole [restaurant] industry to stay open, but tell the whole world to stay away from us, it was badly judged I think.”

“We’re almost forced to be open.

“The only way we’re going to get through this is there’s got to be some human understanding between different levels.

The UK Government has recently followed the direction of some European countries also facing the virus and shut schools “until further notice” from this Friday 19 March.

“For me, as an employer, to be able to look after my staff, I need to have some leeway from a landlord with maybe a rent-free period or something.”

“[I want] more clarity in the way of how help is going to be distributed, and maybe some timeline…so people can plan better”

“All this year’s been kind of scrapped”

“I looked on the government website last night, and you can’t apply for these grants, you automatically qualify, your local council will contact you.

“I don’t want this to sound really bad but our local council doesn’t even collect bins on time”

“Surely us small people deserve a helping hand and like a very straightforward and transparent helping hand. We don’t need loans, we just need a helping hand”

“The feeling is that we’ve been let down.”

Vintage Ambiance is a popular brunch spot by day and a vibrant wine & cocktails bar by night. Open seven days a week, ‘VA Monton’ is a thru community hub, with lots of engaging interactive events in the week & live music weekends.

Official Government advice is to stay within your home if you, or anyone you live with, exhibits any of the main symptoms.

These are a persistent dry cough, a sudden fever, or difficulty breathing.

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