It is business as usual for some despite their employees not counting as key workers.

Many of the businesses claim to be shut as their shops are shut.

However, their customers can still buy online, meaning that their warehouse staff are still working.

Argos is one of these businesses that are staying open, seeing their warehouse staff heading to work despite coronavirus.

In Salford there currently is a total of 25 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

On the website Argos say that, “Following the Prime Minister’s announcement, standalone Argos stores are now closed.

“The Argos website is open as usual and still offering fast delivery, so while shops are shut customers can still buy Argos products online quickly and easily.

“Argos stores in Sainsbury’s supermarkets are also still open.”

Workers at the warehouses expressed their fury on Twitter.

The small Argos shops that are in a lot of Sainsbury’s will need goods provided to them.

This means it isn’t just online deliveries that the staff have to worry about.

There are a two Argos shops in Salford which will close and they are located here:

Recently sporting goods chain Sports Direct found a lot of criticism coming their way.

They had tried to keep stores open even when the Prime Minister had announced the lockdown.

Sports Direct shops have now been forced to shut until at least until 20th April.

This is when the lockdown will be reassessed.

Therefore, the only Sports Direct store in Salford will be closed until further notice.

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