Salford speedbump

A woman in Salford has spoken of her anger after a wheel trim on her car was smashed off after driving over a speed bump at just 11 miles per hour.

Kirstyn Sutton said the incident happened on Jubilee Street near Salford Precinct as she was driving to a local supermarket.

She said: “I never usually drive that way to get to Lidl, but the road ahead was blocked so I took the alternative route.

“It’s safe to say I won’t be doing that again.”

Not only is this ‘horrendous hump’ causing anger amongst locals, but the potholes on Lower Seedley Road are also a cause for concern.

A passer-by stated: “I purposely don’t come down here anymore, it does my head-in.

Lower Seedley Road Potholes. Credit: Jessie Sale

“You see people going over them at speed not knowing they’re there, it knackers their car up.”

In 2018 the Manchester Evening News stated: “Potholes, cracked pavements and other scars on Salford roads will be repaired as part of a £1.5 million investment.”

Kirstyn is not the only one who has lost her wheel trim on the Salford roads, we spotted plenty more, mostly along the busier areas of the city.

Kirstyn says there are some areas worse than others in Salford.

She quoted: “I live round that area, so I don’t believe that helps my suspension much.”

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The current roadworks at Salford Shopping Centre suggest the council are recognising some faults.

With the appearing of new potholes around the Salford estates, a local survey asked 20 Salford drivers for their opinion.

Survey Credit: Jessie Sale

85% of Salford drivers are dissatisfied with the roads they use every day, suggesting Salford is far from a nice drive.

Have you found a worse pothole or speed bump in Salford? Let us know.

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