Three women from Salford are set to cycle 47 miles for their friend and former manager.

Jade Mitchell, 32, Rachel Doherty, 29, and Megan McCarthy, 20, have been fundraising for months to help former colleague Gavin and his family.

Gavin Stott, 43, battled with stage 4 cancer and died on October 22nd, leaving behind his wife and two sons.

Gavin Stott. Copyright: Jade Mitchell

The trio plan to complete a sponsored bike ride on November 3rd from the Smyths Toys store in Blackpool to the Smyths Toys in Salford, where they all work.

Through raffles and a GoFundMe page, the trio have already raised more than £2000 and hope to raise more for the family.

Rachel said: “Everyone at Smyths is absolutely devastated by the news as we are one big family.

“We wanted to raise the money for Gavin and his family so they can spend what time they have left together making memories and not worrying about money.”

Gavin was unable to work at Smyths and his wife Susan became his sole carer.

Their two sons, Adam, 18, and Jason, 15, were also shielding in order to protect their dad.

Jade said: “With Christmas just around the corner we want them to know that it will be OK.”


With no training or prior experience, the trio are pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.

“We know it’s not gonna be easy but this bike ride is nothing compared to what Gavin went through and we are gonna push ourselves to get to that finish line for Gavin.

“Gavin was much more than just a manager. He was a friend and the most caring person you could meet.”

Rachel has worked at Smyths for over a year and remembers Gavin’s kind nature.

“He just made me feel at ease straight away. We like to say he is a gentle giant.

“If anyone was ever feeling low or had stuff going on Gavin would always be there for them and help in anyway he possibly could.”

Click here to donate to the GoFundMe page.

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