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Salford Arts Theatre has had no choice but to cancel productions, including the forthcoming production A Hunger Artist.

The show, which was to be performed by CVIVArts on 22nd November as part of The Greater Manchester Fringe, will no longer go ahead after due to a new national lockdown announced by the Government.

New Covid restrictions come into play this Thursday and means theatres will have to close for at least another month.

Carrieanne Vivianette, Director of CVIVArts said the news will come as a fresh blow to the arts.

“Aside from losing the opportunity of performing at Salford Arts Theatre, having our show on the 22nd cancelled is particularly upsetting because, like many theatre makers, we were craving doing our art in a live space with an audience again – there is no comparison to that.”

The second lockdown will be a huge blow to many in the entertainment sector and many theatres will be facing financial problems, as well as freelancers in the sector who have received little support from the Government.

Carrieanne Vivianette shared her concerns for people in the industry: “It’s easy to lose your passions for the things you choose to do when you’re not practicing it.

“It’s being ‘in’ the practice, the interactions and revelations, that gives you the good sensations. So we are a little down about this. It may be a long time before we are developing art in a performer, spectator context again.”

The Government have recently put £76 million into a culture recovery fund to help organisations in the arts sector, including Salford Arts Theatre, and Salford’s Walk The Plank company who have both received some of the Government funding to help them get back onto their feet.

The incoming lockdown which begins on 5 November is to end 2 December – but could potentially go on for longer.

The arts sector is calling for more clarification from the Government on whether they will be able to go ahead with Covid-safe Christmas productions.

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