A Salford mum has started a postal bakery business to make some extra money in the second lockdown.

Deborah Clouting, a mum of two from Walkden, Salford, is a baker who took the leap a did something for herself during the pandemic, she created Tiny beast bakes a postal bakery business that specialises in brownies and blondies that will fit through your letterbox.

The pandemic has seen a wave of individuals deciding to start their own businesses.

With spare time on their hands, people have turned to exercise, arts, crafts, and baking.

With the help of social media, small businesses have been able to flourish, as people want to send gifts to their loved ones that they are not able to see.

Deborah’s business has come out of a time of uncertainty, as she had worked in catering for nine years, at a small events catering business as a cake maker. However, this all changed with the Coronavirus pandemic.

‘Sadly my job became uncertain, and I didn’t have the childcare to cover a second job. So my husband suggested doing something for myself, so I looked at the cost of starting up and it looked pretty viable.’

Her family supported Deborah as she set up ‘Tiny Beast Bakes’. Calling her husband her ‘moral/tech support’.

‘I went out for drinks and texted my husband a doodle of a logo idea I’d had in the taxi and by the time I had got home, he’d created my website.’

She even used her kids nicknames for the name for the brand.

‘Tiny Beast is a combination of my son and daughter’s nicknames (Tiny Man and the Beast respectively). I added Bakes for clarity, and Tiny Beast Bakes was born.’

‘Lockdown was a great time for me to start ‘tiny beast bakes’ as people wanted to send gifts to their loved ones.’

Tiny Beast Bakes – First logo doodle


Tiny beast bakes sells brownies and blondies as this is Deborah speciality.

‘Using the same recipe and just swapping out dark chocolate for white.’

She has made the treats accessible to all by having a gluten-free and vegan range of products.

‘As I work out of my own kitchen, if I’m baking for a specific dietary requirement, I’ll devote an entire baking session just to that so there is no chance of cross-contamination.’

To ensure her bakes are still delicious, she uses her own recipe and adapts the ingredients to suit the requirements.

‘So all the brownies are as close to the original recipe.’

Good morning! This little mix here is as fudgy, delicious and full of flavour as ever, and they’re GLUTEN FREE. Each box…

Posted by Tiny Beast Bakes on Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Deborah’s challenge throughout her set up, was working from home having to find that balance between family life and work.

‘There have been a lot of evenings spent making up boxes for posting the next day.’

However, she counts herself lucky to have been in a position where she could do this for herself.

‘From having the savings to start up a small business, to having a wonderfully supportive husband, family and group of friends who are helping in all sorts of ways.’

An unexpected detail Deborah has found herself loving is her handwritten note service.

‘Some of them have given me a lump in my throat. Its honestly been lovely to see.’

Don’t forget you can add a handwritten note to any of your boxes, just put your message in the ‘notes’ section at…

Posted by Tiny Beast Bakes on Sunday, 15 November 2020


With her business taking off Deborah has been working on new products. looking at introducing postal macaroons in the new year.

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