Eccles fly-tipping

Church Street in Eccles has become the home of a mountain of rubbish and fly-tipping recently, with residents getting increasingly frustrated at the lack of council support.

The group of flats known as ‘Scotch Corner’ has seen their rubbish bins overflowing with trash in recent weeks, with multiple requests to the council ignored or met with minor responses.

Rather comedically, either the council or a good-humored resident had laid down a freshly painted sign to pick up dog litter – right next to the mountain of rubbish!

A freshly painted sign – but who from?

One resident of the flats, Susan Hambleton, has expressed her outrage at the council: “It’s been about four weeks now but it happens all the time. I used to call the council all the time but it just gets to the point where you say ‘why always me’.”

She continued: “I phone them and usually they respond quickly, but just lately I’ve had no response, people have been coming round and looking at it, and the bin men always take photos but nothing gets done.”

Armchairs, mattresses, and bed frames cover the front of the flats, and it makes for a torrid sight: “It’s not nice to keep looking out of your window to all that every day, I like to keep it clean as much as possible.”

The fly-tipping has also moved inside the stairwells of the flats themselves, as pictures on social media show bin bags lining the halls and stairs of the building, which has caused a lot of discomfort to its residents.

Fly-tipping can land a person a fine of up to £50,000 and even a prison sentence, but it has not deterred the offenders of this crime – and it is the people of Scotch Corner who are the ones paying for it.

You can report cases of fly tipping in Salford here.

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