Salford vaccine

All residents within the priority cohort groups 1-4 have now been invited to be vaccinated but Salford is unable to start vaccinating the next cohort, according to NHS Salford CCG.

The announcement was made on 2nd February 2021, just over a week since it was revealed that all Salford care homes have been vaccinated.

Due to national restrictions, Salford is unable to start inviting residents in cohort group 5 until instructed to do so.

Instead, Salford will focus its vaccination efforts on contacting residents who have previously been invited to be vaccinated but have not come forward and its housebound vaccination programme.

The housebound program aims to vaccinate residents aged 70 years and older who are unable to attend the vaccination centre typically due to illness.

To focus on these initiatives, the Eccles and Irlam vaccination sites will shut until further notice. The Clarendon site will remain open for bookings.

NHS Salford CCG said this move is to use the ‘vaccination teams as effectively as possible’. The staff and volunteers from the Eccles and Irlam sites will instead support the housebound programme teams with home visits.

The closed vaccination sites will be opened to full capacity as soon as further cohorts are able to be invited to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Salford will also welcome it’s first ‘pop up’ vaccination site. It is expected to open this weekend at Newbury Green Health Centre in Broughton. Further sites are to be set-up soon.

NHS Salford CCG has also announced a new national risk stratification model. This could mean that 7,000 residents will be made eligible for the vaccination.

Their message to patients continues to be that they will be contacted directly when it is their turn and not to contact their GP for an appointment.

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