Today is International Dance day and this is the one time in the year you can live your life like a musical, without any judgement.

Across Manchester there are many activities you can participate in, with your friends and family, to get everyone moving and here is why you should do it.

Laura Harris, Head Instructor at 230Intensives and Worlds Coach, said: “The last year has been particularly challenging for dancers as they have not been able to practise their sport. Dance is difficult to train. Dance is not only an excellent form of exercise but also a way to express oneself and an outlet of creativity.”

To celebrate international Dance Day ‘@230intensives’ is running a giveaway, along with ‘@dancedaduk’. You can have the chance to win a free pass to a 230intensive workshop along with a free t-shirt.

They hope this will spread the message of the day and encourage people to come to more classes and get fit through the pandemic.

They will also be holding two workshops in Salford this summer, on the June 27 and August 15. All ages and abilities are welcome to come to the facility, where “incredible guest instructors” will be teaching dances at Studio 96.

The Northern School of Dance and Theatre are also sharing their love of the day, posting how dance makes their students feel.

One of their ‘Mini dancers’, aged three, said: “Dancing makes my heart feel happy”. The School especially want children to stay active on this day as they it will improve their personal development.

They say it will “release endorphins which will make you happy” and “boost children’s creativity”.

They added: “Not every dancer will turn their love of the art from into a career but every one of them will take the lessons they learnt in training to improve the quality of their life. Once a dancer, always a dancer.”

If you want to share videos of you dancing, you can send them to @SalfordNow on Twitter. We would love to see and share your best moves.

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