sale of the AJ Bell stadium

Around 30 Salford Red Devils fans have been peacefully protesting over the possible sale of the AJ Bell Stadium outside the Civic Centre in Swinton.

Supporters are demanding more information around the sale of the AJ Bell stadium and the potential re-homing of Salford Red Devils.

A board member of Salford Supporters Trust and an organiser of the on-going protests, Shirl Bradshaw said: “It has been a good turnout despite the bad weather today.

“It has been Salford residents’ money that has been put into the stadium and we feel they should know what’s happening.

Credit: Bill Boaden
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“The Salford Reds Foundation does so much for the community. At times where there is a massive financial shortfall from the government, the foundation takes on lots of community activities in schools, which won’t be there. It will be a major loss in the community and you cannot put a monetary value on what service they do.”

The stadium was built in 2012 for the Salford community and was funded by a grant from the European Union. It is currently owned by Salford City Council and Peel Holdings.

The AJ Bell is also used by Sale Sharks, who want to buy the stadium. If Sale buy the AJ Bell Stadium, rent fees will likely double for the Red Devils and subsequently force them to relocate.

Sale Sharks on the fields

Salford Red Devils fans were made aware of a potential sale to Sale Sharks a few weeks ago when Salford Council announced it had been approached with the possible sale of the stadium.

A petition has been started to keep the AJ Bell Stadium in the hands of the Salford community and used by the Red Devils. It currently has more than 5,800 signatures and has been sent to the local council.

Bradshaw said: “Going forward we want answers from the Salford Mayor and the council, who have of late been under Purdah and we feel they have been hiding behind that and want to get the elections over before they make any announcement about the AJ Bell stadium.”

The organisers and protesters plan to continue their demands if nothing changes after today’s local elections.

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  1. Unfortunately Salford are going through a very bad patch, attendences are very low, no revenue keeping us afloat. I can see Salford RLFC going undet

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