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Plus developments for the city’s sports teams, weather and live updates from the emergency services.


“Baby loss has made me look at life very different” – Salford Mum speaks out during Baby Loss Awareness Week

Baby's feet
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

A Salford Mum has described the effect of losing her baby son, as the nation marks Baby Loss Awareness Week.

Child loss is something that affects 25% of new mothers, meaning thousands are impacted globally every year.

Salford mother, Jemma Blagden, lost her baby boy Jaxson Mark John Swinscoe She says: “Baby loss has made me look at life very different, it also changed me as a person and affected my mental health.”

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“It’s just a celebration like everything else” – Salford business react to National Own Business Day

Image Credit: Avesta Hair and Beauty Website (used with owner’s permission)

National Own Business Day is celebrated on, 12th October and businesses across Salford are celebrating.

The initiative started by Metro encourages people to get out and enjoy all their favourite businesses, with their website encouraging people to “Do yourself a favour, slow down and take in all the flavors, the smiles, the services. Because there is no joy without you!”


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“The wildlife is just fantastic” – new forest school that lets kids experience outdoors opens in Salford

New Forest school site opened in Worsey. The organiser of the Forest School, Paul Brighouse, says the new Kids Go Wild Forest School at Hollinwood Scout Camp, will feature nature trials, bug hotels, hammocks, tyre swings and more.

Mr Brighouse said: “Forest School is more about being led by the children, about them learning a natural pathway to themselves, rather than adults telling them what to do.”

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“People work endlessly to put food on the table…it isn’t always enough”: The Salford wrestling team fighting food poverty

Photo credit: Tia Shelley

Pinfall Wrestling in Salford will be raising donations for Greater Manchester food banks in their upcoming charity event “Food Fight”.

Food Fight will take place on October 31st 2021 and is free to attend provided that audience members bring along non-perishable food items to donate to the food banks.

Wrestler at the club vengeance said: “Every single one of us can do more, even if it is just bringing a tin of something to the show or donating to a foodbank”.

Image credit: Tia Shelley

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“There was actually people crying on the first walk because they were so relieved” – Wellbeing Walks begin at RHS Bridgewater

Wellbeing Walks at RHS Bridgewater.
Credit: Salford Community Leisure

Wellbeing Walks at RHS Bridgewater, which are organised through Facebook or Salford Community Leisure’s website and are available to anyone in Salford, run every Tuesday at the site in Worsley.

The Wellbeing Walks are ran by Salford Community Leisure and are led by trained volunteers, named Wellbeing Walk Leaders.

Walk leader, Jo Bennett, works for Salford Community Leisure said “It was massive, and you felt connected to people just by having a coffee somewhere or just seeing a face. People would have really struggled if they weren’t even able to do that.”


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New vegan dessert spot has now opened in Salford

Credit- Pixaby, CC by 2.0
ons.org/licenses/by/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

Small business owner Fama Ulhaq has expanded the Range Desserts franchise to Salford. Range Desserts offer a variety of sweet treats, cookie dough, waffles. The menu also caters to a halal and vegan friendly diet.

The dessert shop is open daily from 3pm till 11pm and is located on 577 Liverpool Road, M44 5BE.

Ulhaq said: “I chose Irlam to expand the franchise because there is an increasing demand for vegan food and currently no other dessert shop that caters to a vegan market.

Therefore, Range Desserts was necessary for the Salford community”.

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“We have all come together” – My Salford Our Home event will showcase African culture

“Our Salford, My Home” Is an Event in Salford during Black History Month say they hope to showcase African arts, language, dress and culture.

The free event, which will take place at the Sebastian Community Centre on 30th October, will include poetry, keynote speakers, music exhibition, a fashion show, presentations, stalls, food and drinks.

Ms Chioma Mgbeokwere of Ibo Ladies In Diaspora Aid said: “The event is about showcasing our culture and the kind of African arts, different languages, different ways of dressing, tasting our special coffee and dancing. Not only are children going to come, but we’ll also have the police coming too, Salford CVS and Salford Credit Union.”

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“I started at 10 years old…now I’m 72 and I’m still playing!” – Salford Red Devils exhibition opens at Ordsall Hall

Image taken by myself

The Salford Red Devils exhibition has a range of memorabilia from the history of rugby in the city and is open for the public to see from Sunday-Thursday up until December 12th.

The range of past kits, trophies, photos and posters are on display for visitors to explore. The project is being run by the Salford Red Devils Foundation, as a pop up for 2 months.

George Tap a trustee at the foundation said: “The hall is a fantastic venue, we would have liked to do more outside with the Grand Final and World Cup and greatly involve the junior teams, but we’re proud of what we have produced.”


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“He paved the way for this”- Remembering Salford born scientist James Prescott Joule

left image: Google street view. Right image: Public domain

On the anniversary of his death, Salford Lecturer Dr. Heather Yates speaks about a brewer’s son from Salford, who discovered the he discovered what is now known as Joule’s First Law. He was the first to prove heat is a form of energy.

James Prescott Joule was born in Salford in 1818 and was a brewers son. With all the access to the beer- making equipment, as he often did ‘experiments’ at his father’s work before his ground breaking discovery.

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“I made a GoFundMe page out of pure desperation” – NHS waiting lists drive Salford trans man to private surgery


A 26-year-old man from Salford is fundraising for private surgery after more than six years in the NHS gender clinic system.Caelan Cinnamond,is pursuing private top surgery to transition from a man to a woman.

Cinnamond was approved for top surgery in early 2020, however Cinnamond’s surgeon has postponed any work indefinitely because of the pandemic.

Caelan said: “I made a GoFundMe page out of pure desperation… It felt unfair to ask my peers for access to medical care that should have been provided to me in the first place”.

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“Bring out the sass”- From Beyonce to Dua Lipa bops Dance group in Salford promoting body positivity

Credit- Curves & Confidence Dance Group

Curves & Confidence Dance instructors Leah and Tara are based in JD dance Studio and run classes every Thursday to ‘Celebrate your beauty as curvaceous women’

The classes founder said: “I wanted to create a class where we celebrate our bodies, our curves and turn our insecurities into positives. We aim to boost confidence and to just have a good time and support each other.”

The class is every Thursday at 8-9pm at JD dance Studio


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Salford families march for World Mental Health Day

Buile Hill park.
photo taken by me: Jonna Rogers

Families gathered in Salford’s Buile Hill Park to join a walk to promote mental health. The Stork CIC, an organisation that works to help vulnerable families within Salford, organised the event. Its support includes mother social groups, breastfeeding venues.

The Stork CIC’s creative project assistant Kathryn Stock said: “It should be very normal to turn around to someone and say ‘I am struggling at the minute’. Mental health should be treated in the same way as physical health.”


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