The Salford Survivor Project has been shortlisted for Community Group of the Year at the Forever Manchester Birthday Party event.

The founder of Salford Survivor Project, Jane Gregory, said: “For me, it’s massively important that an organisation like ourselves, and the volunteers, get the recognition. Not just because of what we do but because it’s telling other people, again it’s highlighting domestic abuse.”

Jane set up the charity in 2013, after the murders of two local mums Linzi Ashton and Leanne Mcnuff.

Her daughter had also been in an abusive relationship for six years, and she felt the need to create change.

“I decided enough was enough. I needed to do what I needed to do as a mother. To try and get as much help as possible.” She went on to say.

Salford Survivor Project also won charity of the year in 2019, which was the same year they got their first funding.

Jane is also a North West spokesperson on domestic abuse and family abuse.

“People don’t know what abuse is, so by us being in the public eye, what we’re doing there is we’re giving hope.” She added.

Forever Manchester, the charity that hosts the event, is the only charity that raises money to fund and support community activity across the whole of Greater Manchester.

Evan Merner, who does digital marketing for Forever Manchester, said: “The Birthday Party Event is a really great event. It’s our biggest fundraiser of the year. Basically, what it is, is an annual event and it brings together, I’d say, over 500 of our supporters.”

Forever Manchester Birthday Event Image Credit: Evan Merner

All profits from this annual event are reinstated back into communities across Greater Manchester.

She also said: “Community Group of the Year, so that’s given in recognition of a group or a project that’s made a real meaningful and significant impact that strengthens their local community and is making a difference in their local community.”


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