Anthem Music School have won their first ever award after being rated as one of the top 3 music schools in Manchester.

Rachel Atkins, co-runner of Anthem Music School said: “It’s a massive honour, especially after everything that we’ve been through in the past few months.

“It fills us with a massive sense of achievement and I feel like that’s the boost that we needed.”

The school’s doors first opened in 2017 in Urmston at Humphrey Park Community Centre.

They have since opened two more facilities since 2019 in Monton and Media City.

“It seems like we are opening a new school every two years, I’m not sure if it will continue like that but that’s how it’s going so far.”

Instruments taught include guitar, drums, piano and bass.

They also offer singing lessons.

Children as young as three are welcome to take part in lessons thanks to their “Minnie musicians” class.

Another class that they run is “Intro to music”, intended for 5 to 6 year old’s who are unsure which instrument to learn.

“They have an opportunity to have a few weeks learning guitar, drums, piano and a little bit of ukulele as well.

“The idea is that after they’ve gone through the cycle of all the instruments they can either repeat it, or choose which instrument that they want to focus on.”

To take part in a free trial class visit one of their schools at Humphrey Community Centre, M41 9PT, 22 Lord Byron Square, M50 2XH or 193 Monton road, M30 9PN.

For more information ring 07580761238 or visit


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