A public consultation about the proposed redevelopment of the Old Ship Pub and Hotel on Liverpool Road into a 30-bed residence for vulnerable people has opened. 

The consultation follows other recent development plans in Irlam and Cadishead being met with resistance from residents over concerns about development on green-belt land.

Residents have addressed this development with different concerns, with many people taking issue with the possible new residents in the development.

The organisation behind the planning application to turn the old pub and hotel into accommodation is the Revolving Doors Housing Trust Limited, who aim to provide housing and support for ex-offenders, people with a history of substance abuse and the homeless.

Revolving Doors Housing Trust was incorporated as a limited company in 2017 and their Facebook page states: “The Revolving Doors Housing Trust provides support and accommodation for Ex-offenders, Substance misuser, Homeless People, Mental Health Support.”

The Facebook page contains two web addresses that don’t lead anywhere.

Labour Coucillor, Lewis Nelson representing Irlam and Cadishead Photo Credit via Salford City Council https://sccdemocracy.salford.gov.uk/mgUserInfo.aspx?UID=311

Speaking about the development proposal, Councillor for Irlam and Cadishead, Lewis Nelson, said: “I have a number of concerns with this proposal. The Ship is a historic building at the very heart of our community.

“There are a number of rumours and uncertainties at this stage that I would not want to speculate about, but I believe everybody has a right to live with dignity, with adequate space and in a quality home. The proposal for this 30 bed HMO does not meet those tests, so will be met with my opposition.

“I would welcome any constructive conversation with the developer and company responsible, who so far, have failed to engage with councillors or local residents”.

On a post on the ‘Irlam and Cadishead Community Views’ Facebook page, members of the community have also had their say.

Cliff Townsend said: “This will cause big problems if allowed to proceed. They are basically going to an open prison!”

Tracey Mellet commented: “We really shouldn’t pre-judge anyone. Just because they *might* be an ex-offender, does not automatically mean that children are at risk, etc. Let’s wait for more information.”

Expressing concerns over parking, Peter Haughton said: “30 beds! Where are the parking spaces going to be? The possible few outside with a bus stop in the way, possibly on the road next to the pub?”

Sue Bridgford argued: “Better there than on the moss and at least they’re converting it rather than demolishing it.”

There have been 30 public comments on the consultation so far, and you can add your own views on the Salford City Council website.


  1. Why should we trust the owners/developers if they have not been open and consulted with the council and local residents?
    It does not bode well!

  2. This development should not go ahead, I am not judging the potential tenants, the area is buckling under the pressures of our growing communities; limited police presence, doctors, schools. The roads are fractured, transport limited. Why is the local council ignoring community need and focusing merely on the pound signs!££ greed and ignorance will ruin our amazing community.

  3. Sophie Brading

    Not sure where 30 + people are expected to park.
    Irlam needs successful businesses on the high street, not an HMO…

  4. For a company to firstly buy a property and then spend a lot of money on it without planning permission just doesn’t sit right. I wouldn’t build an extension without permission so what do they know that neither local people or the local councillors don’t. Surely this kind of habitation would need at least a 24/7 staff on site.

  5. Just heard the news on WhatsApp Group. We already have one at Barton Aerodrome and do not need another. Look for another town.

  6. Mrs D Breadney

    Great concern over HMO on Liverpool Road IRLAM in the building called the Ship.
    People who require rehabilitation should be in a Community where social facilities are available.As far as I am aware there are
    no such resources available.Princes park is for both young &elderly to walk freely without hesitation.

  7. WE do not have the relevant support structures in place, all probation services, drugs services, tagging services etc are all based in Salford and Manchester centres not rural Irlam and Cadishead. Drug users will steal absolutely anything they can lay their hands on to sell for a fix. And what type of ex offenders are they talking about? The company applying for this have made an extremely vague application leaving off essential information, the rooms will be the size of cells! It’s not a suitable building or area for this kind of development. It needs to be closer to the support networks,

  8. Action required

    Get ready for a crime wave it’s coming. The value of our houses will drop irlam will not be a place people want to come and live . Not sure the area will attract new business with this mini prison smack bang in the middle of irlam . Get the feeling it’s a done deal money talks let down by Salford council

  9. A majority of ex offenders without a family home to return to undoubtedly have serious issues. Poor mental health, a lack of or poor education, employability issues and substance misuse together with their offending history and potential to re-offend are all reasonable grounds for objection to a HMO within the heart of the town. The former public house to which the application applies is within a short distance of the town’s high school and a young people’s community centre. Many vulnerable and impressionable children as well as miscreant children will walk past this establishment at least twice daily, the implications for potential conflict cannot be dismissed by the planning committee. Added to which, the building is old and even with extensive renovation, people do not take responsibility for cleaning and maintaining shared accommodation, It has the capacity to very quickly become a slum.

  10. I am in full agreement with all the comments above, but I would ask all residents to ensure that they also express their comments on the council ‘s planning application because this is the only way that they will be taken into consideration in the application process. Thanks all!

  11. Why has it taken so long for the community to find this out, surly questions had been asked to the council prior to spending all the money on the building.
    This is probably already agreed and sat on a desk waiting to be unveiled to the people of Irlam and Cadishead in the coming weeks.
    Maybe protest outside the Ship and let them know we don’t want it here.

  12. Further to my previous comment, I have managed to submit an objection comment on SCC Planning portal and suggest that anyone with objections to the application does the same.
    N.B. You will need to register to comment. This is my comment….

    I am strongly opposed to this planning application.


    This would be a substantial HMO in the heart of a family community to house ex-offenders. Ex-offenders who do not have the support of their family or a family home, inevitably bring with them substantial problems. I.e, mental health issues, poor hygiene, poor literacy and education, substance abuse and dependency and therefore providing little opportunity for gainful employment. Should an employer even consider engaging an ex-offender, there are few opportunities within the town itself. This means that the occupants of the HMO are unlikely to be engaged in any purposeful activity.

    Anti-Social Behaviour

    Statistics from the ONS Oct-Dec 2019 show that adults released from custody or starting court orders had a proven reoffending rate of 33.0% and that adults released from custodial sentences of less than 12 months had a proven reoffending rate of 58.9%. Whilst a reduction on previous years, this is exceptionally high and has the likelihood of increasing crime in this predominantly residential area.

    Residents Safety

    The proposed dwelling is on the main thoroughfare and is in close proximity to the town’s High School, Youth Centre and Recreation Centre. Impressionable, vulnerable and unfortunately some miscreant children walk past the building at least twice daily on their way to and from school. This has the capacity for the dwelling to become either a target for anti-social behaviour or a refuge for ‘troubled’ teens to indulge in alcohol and/or substance misuse.

    Human Rights Act. Protocol 1, Article 1: Protection of property
    “Every natural or legal person is entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of his possessions. No one shall be deprived of his possessions except in the public interest and subject to the conditions provided for by law and by the general principles of international law.”
    Under this provision, families have the right to feel safe and to enjoy their properties without fear of anti-social and/or increased crime brought to their area.

    Parking & Amenities

    There will be limited parking on site, insufficient for each occupant to have a designated parking space. Though it is unlikely that every occupant will have their own vehicle, it cannot be estimated how many regular visitors to the dwelling there will be. The dwelling is very close to a set of traffic lights that control access to the two supermarkets in the town and the road is extremely busy throughout the daytime, access to and from the dwelling could cause serious congestion and access issues.

    Provision of Health services including affordable dentistry is lacking in the area and an influx of people who will inevitably come with additional needs will put further strain on these services.


    As a recently retired prison officer involved in the rehabilitation of offenders and with young family members residing in the area, I consider that 538 Liverpool Rd, Irlam, (formerly know as The Ship public house) totally unsuitable as a HMO for the reasons stated.

  13. The facilities in the area are already stretched enough with no real police presence when i was attacked 4 years ago in an unprovoked attack I nearly lost my life in irlam (Quote from the police officer taking my statement 2 weeks later irlam has become a bit of a lawless place – his words)

  14. I am against this as 1 we have not enough resources limited policing there have been more homes built but no extra schools doctors and other services and parking spaces everywhere is not adequate to accommodate what is needed now.
    We have a good community but we are struggling as it is to cope with the traffic incoming and outgoing daily
    And the people who live here now cannot get the services they need as it stands
    I don’t have a problem with rehabilitation but irlam and cadishead community need the council to listen to us instead of thinking about money

  15. Margaret Devine

    I have mixed feelings about this is it a case of not in my doorstep everybody deserves a chance in life but I understand local concerns.
    There but for the grace of God go I .

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