Local burger takeaway owner reveals what sets his award-winning food from other takeaways in Salford and Manchester.

John O’Reilly, co-founder of Burgerism, opened the take-away in 2018 to provide the community of Salford with high quality burgers at affordable prices.

Burgerism was shortlisted by The Manc – Permission given from John O’Reilly

O’Reilly said: “There was a need for a premium burger but, at an affordable price made with fresh and local ingredients.

“I always felt we could do really good quality burgers but if it’s going to end up being £10, then we’d be pricing the customers out of it, we’ve always wanted to fairly price the burgers.”


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In addition to being shortlisted into the top 4 takeaway champion in 2021 by ‘The Manc’, a well-known social media publisher, Burgerism was also ranked number 8 on the list of top 50 food items in the UK on Deliveroo.

O’Reilly revealed how they achieve their iconic flavour on their smash burgers, he said: “The actual burger itself has two patties, they are cooked on a flat steel grill at a high temperature.

“You get caramelisation on the meat and it’s that browning that makes it taste so specific.”

The ‘Wholly Double’, one of the most popular burgers. Permission given by John O’Reilly

He explained: “We try to quality on the scale, which is quite difficult, you can easily do one burger well but to do that quality over and over again and consistently that’s when it gets difficult.”

The menu contains a range of options for those who don’t eat beef, as they offer a chicken burger and wings as well as vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

The burger takeaway owner stated: “Our duty is to give people choice. We can’t force people to not eat meat but, we can give them good alternatives”

The veggie burger is highly popular as it’s made from mushrooms, which offers just as good an experience as eating meat due to the flavour and texture.

The Irish businessman said: “We did spend a lot of time making sure our veggie burgers were just as good as a meat burger.

“For me as a meat eater, I would very happily have one of our veggie burgers no problem because the experience isn’t lacking.

The takeaway burger joint deep fry their fries in separate oil to the meat therefore, making them vegan friendly.

Burgerism is determined to expand their vegetarian and vegan range in the upcoming year to ensure their customers have as many options as possible.

The winner will be announced in The Manc’s episode on Friday 17th December.

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