Salford Arts Theatre is offering free winter fun sessions for children aged who are eligible for free school meals over the Christmas holidays, including a full meal and a trip to a pantomime.

Sleeping Beauty, will be shown on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd December 2021 for children aged 8-16 giving them a chance to cheer the hero and boo the villain, so get your voices ready and get in the Christmas spirit!

The event will be at The Salford Arts Theatre from 12.30 pm-3.30 pm and children will be served a Christmas meal from 12:30 pm.

Roni from Salford Arts Theatre said:

We’re basically a venue, in theory, we’re like a partner on this Salford winter of fun and this winter of fun offers free activities over the Christmas holidays for children that are eligible for free school meals and we’re basically one of the organisations that are a part of this so we’re offering basically two afternoons on the 22-23rd for children from the ages of 8-16 year 11 to come and watch the pantomime and they get a free lunch and they have just under 4 hours of fun it’s an activity that stimulates the children whether that be physically or mentally.”

“I think it’s a great idea because I think a lot of children and parents, unfortunately, can’t enable their children to join in activities when there’s a cost involved and so having all these different activities for children and young people to engage and it’s free is enabling them to not miss out on an opportunity on something that they’re interested in.”

They went on to say that there are many opportunities where people can get free tickets as there are “always discounts and stuff for places and our pantomime tickets are very accessible for people on low incomes personally, we try and make our activities available for anyone anyway.”

They hope that the prices are accessible for everyone at some point people can win tickets we do group offers and are engaging in this year as well.

Photo Credit: Shay Rowan

“Salford is a big place you have Pendleton and Ordsall and Weaste and other places but now there’s a mix of people that live in these areas of high deprivation and unemployment. People need that assistance. Why would you allow children to go hungry?”

“I would hope that there is and that there are projects going on north, east, south, west of the country that are enabling and are making sure that children have the choice to engage in activities and making sure that they have something to eat.

It doesn’t matter where you come from how much you earn or how little you earn you should be able to have those opportunities”.

You can book your free place here and the deadlines close 17th of December.

You can watch the interview with Roni here.

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