Author: Barbara Langley

credit: The  Makeers Market

The Makers’ market will be at Quayside this late Bank Holiday

The Makers’  Market  is back at Quayside, Media City.  It  will open from Saturday 29th May – Bank Holiday. Then, […]

New eco rules will affect every household in Salford

New eco-rules which will penalise energy guzzling properties are set to affect the Salford housing market. Property owners will not […]

Credit:  Barbara Langley

“Man’s best friend” has to adapt to old routine as owners return to work

A Salford psychology lecturer has urged dog owners to heed warnings that their pets may find the end of lockdown […]

Debbie Dimopoulou - "Pieces of Heaven"

Setting up a business from scratch during the lockdowns

A Greek catering business has been launched in Salford during the lockdowns. Pieces of Heaven is a start-up from chef Debbie […]