Author: Sabir Khairy

“I’m more worried about the health and safety of my clients then gyms losing money”

The fitness landscape has changed dramatically due to Covid-19, it will be a while until personal trainers can engage face-to-face […]

“The joys of Eid have gone but festivities proceed”

Muslims in Salford are criticising and outraged at the government for tightening the rules “midnight before Eid”. Tightening the rules […]

“I smoke more cigarettes than I ever did before” Enraged menthol smoker smokes more than 40 cigarettes daily after menthol ban

Miran Sardar who used to smoke only 20 cigarettes daily is now smoking double and is seriously concerned about his […]

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

This Christmas will increase the chances of houses being burgled

The chances of a houses being burgled this Christmas has just increased, stay alert and don’t always depend on your […]