INFAMOUS DJ Carl Cox was eagerly anticipated ever since his name appeared on Albert Hall’s upcoming calendar. He paid Manchester a visit on Easter Saturday and our reporter Lauren Bones was there for us…

Dilated pupils, strobes and sweat.

Without a doubt, Carl Cox and Friends was one of the best events the Manchester music scene has witnessed in recent months. The Albert Hall went from having several groups of people dancing calmly, to a point where you were unable to move due to gurning ravers throwing themselves all over the venue.

The night began with UK based DJ Jon Rundell warming up the crowd with some tech house.

Carl Cox explained Rundell as “a jewel in the crown. He’s really quite great with the crowd and his music. He’s been a great support to me. Put him in front of 30,000 people and he really goes for it.

“He naturally warms the crowds up. We always discuss what we’ll both be playing and he goes out there and does it. At the moment he’s better than most top DJs I could mention.”

I feel like Rundell wasn’t the strongest warm up Albert Hall could have had on the night, however, as Carl Cox said himself, he really did go for it with his set, and got the crowd hyped for the other DJ’s.

Yousef followed Jon Rundell and he produced a mesmeric set. His showing was arguably heavier than Carl Cox’s, which I personally enjoyed more. He had the entire crowd in the palm of his hand from start to finish and no one stopped moving for the entirety of his set.

The Albert Hall also showed its true colours during Yousef’s set, with lasers and canons coming from every corner of the venue, making the night just that little bit more intense. It got to the point where many had to abandon taking photos because the raving became so, so intense.

Yousef is playing at two of the UK’s most popular dance/tech festivals in Creamfields and Parklife this summer and will be sure to be equally as fantastic as he was at the Albert Hall.

Not one to be missed based on his showing this Easter…

And just as the crowd thought they couldn’t dance anymore, Britain’s most notorious DJ blessed us with some incredible tech house tracks.

Not only were the tracks Carl Cox was dropping fantastic, but his stage presence only enhanced the experience. Cox is an absolutely timeless DJ and the crowd was filled with people ranging from the age of 18 to 50.

“Oh yes! Oh yes Manchester!” Cox shouted his famous slogan to Albert Hall countless times during his set, making the crowd go wild.

Because of the heavy tracks Yousef was dropping, Cox’s set was equally as heavy and the entire Albert Hall was dancing until they could not dance anymore. The proof of a good rave is when you pull a muscle in your leg from skanking for just that little bit too long.

As confetti cannons exploded over the crowd, and everyone continued to throw their hands in the air, Albert Hall was awash with strobes and blue lazers, making the night trippy and hypnotizing.

Carl Cox is gracing the UK with his talents once again at Bestival and Wild Life festival in the next few months and I highly recommend that if you haven’t seen him yet, then you definitely need to.

By Lauren Bones

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