A charity says it has recorded spikes in Islamophobic hate incidents following terrorist attacks such as the Manchester Arena bombing.

Tell Mama, an independent organisation that measures anti-Muslim incidents, says it registered 139 incidents in the week following the attack, over five times what it was the week before the attack.

Greater Manchester police recorded nine attacks on mosques alone between March and June of this year, following on from the Westminster and Manchester terrorist attack.

This is in stark contrast to 2016, when there were no recorded mosque attacks in the same time frame.

These figures highlight that anti-Muslim hate incidents are largely driven by terror attacks.

The Anne Frank Trust:

One organisation trying to tackle this rise in hate and teach young people that terrorism and Islam don’t go hand in hand is the Anne Frank Trust.

The charity focuses its attention on trying to tackle ignorance and prejudice by teaching children about where hate may lead us, using Anne Frank’s story.

Keziah Williamson, a 30 year-old former secondary school teacher, is the North-West regional manager for the Anne Frank Trust.

Miss Williamson said: “Following on from the terrorist attacks, it is clear that there is a serious issue in Manchester and it is really pivotal that we try and combat this hate as much as we can in young people.”

“Our differences need to be understood and respected, we need to remember that everyone is a human being at the end of the day, not a label.”

The trust visits schools spreading their message of peace and unity whilst also educating children about why we should be more accepting of one another.

The Anne Frank Trust encourages young people to confront their own perceptions of people and work on ways to change so that we can begin to create a more cohesive and peaceful community.

• To find out more about the Anne Frank Trust, click here. If you have been a victim or witnessed a hate crime then contact Greater Manchester police on either 101 or 999.

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