Young and old people are flipping pancakes today, as it is the Pancake National Day. People in Salford are enjoying themselves today, trying the tastiest toppings on their desserts!

At home or out in the city, everyone is enjoying the sweet taste (or not?) of the pancakes.

Pubs and restaurants located in Salford launched new offers and challenges for the ones who want to celebrate with them.

Atmosphere Bar – 20% off pancakes

That Burger Place – Triple stacked buttermilk pancakes for 5£

Pancake Challenge at NutriBar MediaCityUK – Eat the whole 12 pancakes and get them for free

Nutri Bar MCUK challenged its followers on Twitter to join the protein pancakes challenge. Twelve delicious pancakes are put on a plate to be eaten by the players. The winners do not pay anything, while the ones who lose the challenge need to pay £6.50 for the dessert.

However, we found Allan and James at the table waiting for their pancakes, ready to win. Just when they started, the staff put a timer on their table. After 25 minutes, there was a clear winner.

“It was hard, I think people underestimate how filling pancakes actually are. The choice of the toppings are really important, on their own they are really dry. It was really good! Our next meal is the dinner!”, Allan, one of the players said.

Meanwhile, Salfood served £2,50 homemade blueberry pancakes with multiple topings and Belgian waffles.

Pancake Day always falls 47 days before Easter. It is associated with the Shrove Tuesday, when the families are supposed to empty their cupboards of fattening foods, so they would not be a tempting target during the Lent.

If you are feeling comfortable and do not want to leave the house today, you can try our recipe from the last year. More than that, The Guardian as well published six of the tastiest recipes for the celebrated dessert.

Happy Pancake Day!

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