A man from Salford has admitted to possession terror related documents, including information relating to explosives, weapons and unarmed combat.

Christopher Partington, 33, of Wildbrook Road, pleaded guilty to six counts of collecting information between April and May which was likely to be useful for the purposes of terrorism. Mr Partington appeared at at Manchester Crown Court via a video link as he is currently in Prison.

Mr Partington’s home address in little Hulton was raided by Police back in May, with officers finding the illegal material alongside a cache of ammunition, including shotgun shells.

Partington, from salford, was in possession of documents such as -Amateur Pyrotechnics
Partington was in possession of documents such as -Amateur Pyrotechnics

Two electronic copies of ‘A poor mans James Bond’ were found in Partington’s possession. The document makes reference to  a number of illegal material, including; explosives, weapons, unarmed combat, poisons, and booby traps.

He was also in possession of material specifically related to the use and creation of explosives. Documents entitled: How To Make Black Powder And Other Explosives, Improvised Munitions Handbook, FM5-31 Boobytrap, and Amateur Pyrotechnics by Dan Williams, were found in his possession.

Mr Partington pleaded not guilty to possessing another terror document, the IRA Green Book.

Sentencing will take place at Manchester Crown Court on November 5th.

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