Outraged residents have launched a petition after Salford City Council announced that the government would not be funding the removal and replacement of the dangerous cladding on nine Pendleton tower blocks.

Over a year on from the Grenfell tragedy, concerned residents are still waiting to have the dangerous aluminium composite material (ACM) style cladding removed from their homes.

Simon Barlow-Smyth of Thorn Court, one of the towers affected, started the petition addressed to the housing minister after the council received the news.

“The impetus came upon receipt of a letter from Salford City council advising of the situation and the red tape the government has wrapped Salford City Council and PT in.”

He continued: “It’s infuriating that the Government are basically washing their hands of the problem and allowing us all to live in danger and in fear of us becoming Grenfell mark two.”

Several Pendleton residents voiced their concern over the decision:

The recent announcement means that Salford City Council has also been refused permission to loan Pendleton Together (PT), who manage the tower blocks, the £25 million to pay for the removal of the cladding, as well as refusing access to the £400 million budget.

According to the council, the government stated that the tower blocks did not qualify for funding as they were not part of a housing association.

The decision is forcing PT to raise the funds itself.

The petition urges James Brokenshire MP to reconsider their decision and either allow Salford City Council to loan the money to PT, or grant them access to the £400 budget.

Residents of the affected tower blocks have grown increasingly concerned as they continue to live in blocks covered in dangerous materials.

“This sustained risk to the lives of residents of the nine Pendleton tower blocks is simply unacceptable”, the petition states.

So far, the petition has reached 277 signatures with the aim of reaching 500.

To sign the petition, click here.

Update: We have been informed that funding for PT has now been secured, but where from and how much is still undisclosed.

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