A shop assistant at Salford homeless charity, Emmaus, says homelessness isn’t talked about enough as new figures show the extent of the problem within the city.

Ian Williams, spent 12-months on the streets of Salford and has first hand experience of what it is like to live on the streets.

“Homeless people are murdered just for being homeless.

“It is a terrible tragedy that happens every day.

“The Government need to stop knocking council houses down and start putting people in them instead of leaving them derelict.”

Statistics from The Bureau of Investigative Journalism show that over 449 homeless people have died in the U.K since October 2017

On average, homeless people only live until 47-years-old.

Government figures have shown that 52% of people in Salford are now unintentionally homeless and in priority need in Salford compared to last year.

Mr Williams goes on to say,“People become homeless from everyday things, not being able to afford rent or credit card debts”.

“Salford homelessness is not highlighted enough, it is worse than it seems”.

“It disappoints you what the Government choose to spend their money on”.

Salford City Council are planning on spending £308,000 on tackling the homeless crisis.

Centres such as Emmaus are working to try and help end the homelessness crisis, employing homeless people to work across their three shops.

“I am learning new skills every day, I have gained experience and self-respect from working here”.

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, recently announced a new scheme to help tackle homelessness across the city.

‘A Bed Every Night’ will begin in November and plans to make a bed available for every rough sleeper in Greater Manchester.

The scheme is a partnership with Greater Manchester’s 10 councils, businesses, the voluntary sector and the public.

‘A Bed Every Night’ is only available to those whose last address was in Greater Manchester.

For more information about the scheme go to: https://www.greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk/news/article/395/mayors_blog_help_us_give_everyone_a_bed_every_night_this_winter



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