"Not I" is coming to The Lowry, but with a Tourette's twist.

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Tourette’s Hero Jess Thom, diagnosed with Tourette’s, takes central place on stage of The Lowry tonight.

Jessica Thom, officially diagnosed with Tourette’s in her twenties, has had ticks since childhood.

Now, with the help of Samaritans, Jess is on a path to raise awareness about the syndrome and show people that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Tourette’s Hero, the project that Ms Thom is a part of, travels around the US, UK and Canada, performing on stage.

The project makes every performance relaxed. People with different ticks can express them freely without trammels.

The latest performance is Samuel Beckett’s theatrical play “Not I”. The play explores neurodiversity and its place in society.

The presentation of the play is unique, because the audience sees nothing more than an illuminated mouth on the stage, sharing experiences of how difficult life can get.

Tonight, Jess takes the role of this mouth. Her Tourette’s will add all sorts of fun and unexpected turns in her performance.

Tourette’s is a medical condition. It has different severities, urging people affected by it to make involuntary movements or noises.

It is estimated that in the UK alone around 331,000 individuals from all age groups are affected by it.

Worldwide researches are under development, as a cure for the syndrome currently is non-existent.

Worldwide Tourette’s syndrome studies.
Source: www.clinicaltrials.com

Not I” is at the Lowry tonight, November 21, starting at 20.

People who are interested in the production can buy tickets here.

People who want help others with Tourette’s syndrome can do so here.

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