VICTIMS of transphobic violence and discrimination were commemorated at a vigil in Salford.

People from across Salford were invited to take part in a vigil and poetry evening on Tuesday to mark Transgender Remembrance Day to promote acceptance across the LGBTQ community.

Anyone affected by the issue was invited to the event hosted by the University of Salford LQBTQ society in the Student Union on Peel Campus, Chapel Street.

A variety of speakers performed poetry and spoken word that explored challenges they had faced as transgender people.

A member of the LGBTQ society, Gabriel Vavaroutas, stated: “It is important to remember those who came before us as these are the ones who paved the way towards acceptance.”

They went onto say: “It is often difficult for transgender people to form relationships with people for fear of being judged. I think its great that there is now a way for people to open up about who they really are.”

They added: “The evening was a nice touch. It is the first time I have seen anything quite like this.

“The evening was definitely a success it was so nice to see people express themselves in such a creative way.”






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