A meeting held this week at Kersal’s  St paul’s church aimed to discuss how residents of Salford can help to look after the environment.

CO2 is rising fast. According to the statistics, before 1950 there were less than 300 parts per million  of Co2 in the atmosphere. Now there are 380 parts per million of CO2.

This and other gases which are also rising including: methane, Nitrous oxide and flouronated carbide are trapping heat in the ozone layer which is warming up the earth.

Some people are calling it the carbon age and others are worried that a new ice age could start.

One of the solutions raised in the meeting is simply using Led bulbs instead of halogen ones and to walk more often than get the car.

Bryan Blears from Salford Green party says he thought the event was really useful and he’s glad that the

30 to 40 residents who went to the meeting and other residents are trying to make this a more prominent issue.

Bryan Blears, a Green Party member said: “We’re campaigning to try and make issues like climate change and pollution in the atmosphere aware in Salford. This does affect Salford residents as we have had severe flooding in Kersal as a result of extreme rain and extreme weather conditions so this does affect people locally and events like this are a great way to get started”.

Claire Stocks, a member of a new environmental group called extinction rebellion, was also at the meeting. The group have managed to gain 300 members in 2 months and are campaigning for changes to prevent climate change.

“Over 200 members sat down in Deansgate  last week”, she says. The group did this in order to prevent people from boarding the trains as a means of peaceful protest aimed at stopping companies using coal-fired stations to generate power. The group have said that they will continue to take more action in greater Manchester in the near future.

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