Two Salford bus stops have been closed indefinitely, leaving passengers with a half-mile walk to the nearest open stop.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) have closed the Water Street and Sainsbury’s stops on Regent Road, which runs between Ordsall and Manchester city centre due to road works.

The work is part of a scheme to increase capacity on relief roads in Manchester and Salford.

The closed Sainsbury’s bus stop on Regent Road.

However, the improvements are causing large delays for drivers and now, bus users.

The only services running on the Regent Road are 33 and 63 which have a similar route. However, if a few months ago locals would only worry about traffic causing delays, now the two stops are being closed for an undefined period of time.

A Transport for Greater Manchester spokesperson said: “The bus stops ‘Water St.’ and ‘Sainsbury’s’ have been closed at the request of the Contractors working on the project.

“We have no information about when they are going to be re-opened, or any other future plans regarding them. However they have been closed due to safety concerns in response to reports of numerous near misses at this location.”

The roadworks are causing major delays in the bus timetables and people are strongly affected by this. One local resident said: “I never know when to leave home.

“I’m literally ten bus stops away from my workplace, but sometimes I prefer walking an hour rather than relying on the service.”

Two bus stops at each end of Regent Road are still in use.

The roadworks started in August 2018 and they aim to reduce traffic congestion within Manchester. They are to continue for at least 12 months, but may be completed sooner.

TfGM advises those affected by the roadworks to try an alternative route or leave earlier.

See the latest updates about the Regent Road works here.

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