Transport for Greater Manchester has introduced an app that allows passengers in Salford to manage their journeys on their smartphones.

The IMOVE app provides travellers with instant access to car hire, car clubs, trains, buses, Metrolink trams and TfGM’s Local Link Service.

The project aims to prevent traffic congestion and encourage shared and active travel by allowing passengers to plan, book and pay for each journey using any iOS or Android device.

Sam Li, senior innovation officer at TfGM, said:

“The IMOVE pilot project is helping people who work in and around Manchester use the most effective mode of transport to get to their destinations which includes commuting to and from work and business-related journeys.

“Its purpose is to encourage a positive change in travel habits, encouraging people to leave their own car at home and use shared or public transport, walk and cycle.”

The app Mobilleo features tools like company car options, fuel and expense calcluators, local guides and social integration to share travel hacks with colleagues.

The app is powered by Fleetondemand, whose chief executive Justin Whitston said: “Journeys can be originated in 6 ways by using door to door search, by calendar integration, email, on demand booking, manual creation or preference based.

“Employing multiple sources of data, user preferences and machine learning, over time our technology will provide a data rich assessment of the best forms of transport for all employees to benefit from.

He also explained: “Ultimately the aim is to reduce costs and enhance the benefits to all employees – not just the company car driver or business traveller.

“Our platform encourages trust and an open booking culture whilst working within a company’s real mobility objectives.

“We aim to guide them on the art of the possible in this emerging market using our technology”

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