Amidst continuous developments across the City of Salford, its natural charm and historical beauty has been hidden by modernity. ‘Alexatours’ aims to give key insight into what Salford once was and its hidden heritage.

Alexandra Fairclough began the new tours in June 2019 looking to open up some of the lesser known parts of each of Salford’s 5 districts: Eccles, Worsley, Swinton, Walkden, Little Hulton and Irlam.

Alexandra and her family are proudly Salfordian and very well qualified to tell Salford’s heritage story, she says:

“I am a Law and Humanities graduate with a masters in Architecture from The University of Manchester. I am a heritage professional, qualified Green Badge Tour Guide and Lancashire lass, keen to share the delights of the North West of England with particular emphasis on the Cradles of the Industrial Revolution”.

Alexandra Fairclough conducts tours regularly across different parts of Salford, centring many of her tours on Salford’s historical architecture.

The tours that currently run include:

Discover Salford old and new;

Bridgewater Canal;

Walking the Bridgewater Canal;

and more Architectural Tours.

Broadening the demographic of her tours, Alexandra Fairclough has branched out to include more and more of Salford’s interesting history. For 2020 she will be adding to an ever-growing list of tours, “n The new tours coming soon are:

Radicals and Revolutionaries;

Creative Quays;

Your University UOS;

and RHS Bridgewater”.

As Salford industrialises, modern additions such as MediaCity are making Salford’s history appear to be repeating itself.  At one time Manchester and Salford were considered to be the hub of Britains industrial revolution. Now, Salford is the home to the British media industry.

Alexandra Fairclough has rightly recognised the role Salford has played and is telling the stories of the people who call it home. She is explaining how significant Salford was and continues to be.

To get involved make sure to visit Alexandra’s website:





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