The Digital Phoenix Art Club are offering a unique way of support for people with health conditions.

Alan Worthington, Manager/Coordinator of the Digital Phoenix Department, said in a blog post: “we must improve digital inclusiveness for everyone to make sure that nobody feels like they are left behind”.

Funded by the Salford Clinical Commissioning Group, the eTherapy offers a free computer led art group aimed at people with physical and mental health conditions that would prevent them from attending other art or computer courses.

After volunteering as an I.T Tutor, Worthington created the art group to accommodate to people with various physical and mental health conditions, in an online blog post he says ‘unfortunately many groups and organisations do not have the tools, funding or patience required to offer them support’.

Worthington said: “I have encountered many people with disabilities and mental health problems that wanted support with using computers and the internet”.

Attendees do not have to have any sort of art or digital background and the sessions are open to everyone.

The group meet at 2 pm until 4 pm on the first Tuesday of every month at the Eccles Gateway in the library lounge, all are welcome to bring their own art materials but pens and pencils will be provided.

Digital Phoenix also offer a drop in group every Thursday Afternoon at 1 pm until 3 pm, teaching computer skills to people who have disabilities.

Contact Eccles Library reception on 0161 212 4400 for more information.

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  1. Hi, it’s Alan from the Digital Phoenix,

    I love this article alot (although I only just found out about it today), but I would just like to clear up one thing:

    Whilst the Art Club and the Drop-in are both Digital Phoenix Society run activities, the Salford eTherapy Service shown in the article IS NOT and I was sharing their site as part of the ‘positive use of technology’ message and all credit for that service goes to them here –

    Apologies for any confusion, but sometimes I advertise other activities and groups in the area if it promotes digital health and wellbeing because there’s other organizations out there making a difference in a similar manner too.

    Thank-you for the wonderful article and keep-up the good work.

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