A University of Salford student completed half a marathon over the weekend to raise money for a charity close to her heart.

Sophie Stansfield, 19, walked 15 miles in and around Manchester to raise money for the British Dyslexia Association, with company from her housemate, Alicja.

Sophie felt as though dyslexia isn’t talked about enough. “Everyone knows what it is, a difficulty with reading and writing, but there is so much more to it that people don’t realise.”

Due to the impact the learning difficulty has on mental health and people’s self esteem, she believes “the different sides of it needs to be raised.”

Through her school days, Sophie’s difficulties were regarded as needing to try harder and practice more. she wasn’t diagnosed with dyslexia until the start of her GCSEs, where she was granted 25 per cent extra time in her examinations.

Sophie’s college provided her with one-to-one weekly sessions with a support teacher, causing her to go from achieving D* to A and C grades in her qualifications, which allowed her to progress to University. She finished her first year at Salford with 2:1 thanks to the help she received from her institutions.

Sophie explained: “I know how hard it is for people to get the help and support they need. I was one of the lucky ones.”

British Dyslexia Association is a voice for dyslexic people. The charity promotes the early identification of specific learning difficulties (SpLD) and ensure institutions are dyslexia friendly.

5 Facts About Dyslexia by Hannah Boggan
Information sourced from https://www.dosomething.org/us/facts/11-facts-about-dyslexia

The two girls walked slightly over half a marathon, venturing to the Trafford Centre, the city centre and to Peel Park.
Support from family, friends, and Shock Radio listeners allowed the fundraising target to be reached.

By the end of the weekend, Sophie’s GoFundMe page had achieved £215. “I set a goal of £200 to raise for British Dyslexia Association, which I didn’t even think we would get,” said Sophie.

“I am definitely looking to do something again in the future for the charity!

“I want to help those who need the help and support that I achieved.”

To donate to ‘Sophie’s Half Marathon Charity Walk for Dyslexia’ and learn now about her story, click here.


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