An 18-year-old girl who attempted to take her own life this summer is now fundraising for the Salford Royal Trauma Care Unit which saved her.

Molly Hill took the decision to launch her fundraiser after the ‘outstanding’ care the Salford Royal hospital staff provided her.

Molly said: “I jumped off a bridge as a suicide attempt. I don’t really remember much but I remember being in the ambulance, I woke up when I was in resus at Salford Royal, I broke my femur and multiple other bones in my face.”

Molly has struggled with her mental health since she was 12 and after having bad experiences in other hospitals in the past, the care Salford Royal staff provided came as a surprise.

She said: “The care was outstanding to be honest, I’ve never seen anything like it they didn’t just support me physically, the main reason I was in there was my emotional needs so they also reassured me.

“It gives me goosebumps thinking about how amazing they were, I’ve never felt so cared for.”

Molly,  who is from Wigan, spent two months under the care of the trauma assessment unit where she felt listened to and supported on the journey to recovery.

Molly said: “When I got out [of surgery] the staff were there to support me. It made me feel like I’m actually being cared for the way I should be and they gave me hope when I didn’t think I had any left. “

One of the injuries Molly sustained was a broken femur (Copyright- Molly Hill)

Since her recovery, Molly has had to return to the Salford Royal due to an ovarian cyst and described how the staff continued to check up on her.

“Although I’ve not seen them for a while it’s like they’ve always got my back,” she said.

“They all have their own personal lives but they still carry on and get up every day, and I think that takes a lot of strength, they give that care every shift and just do an amazing job.”

Molly is hoping to raise £500 by crocheting and selling blankets through her Etsy page with 60 per cent of her earnings being donated to NorthCare Charity who support NHS staff across Salford.

Molly’s personal interest with crocheting began four years ago when she was admitted to a specialist hospital for her eating disorder and after keeping it up, it became a good coping mechanism.

“I’ve raised £25 so far and I’m hoping to be able to raise more because I just want to be able to give back to the hospital,” she said.

“After this attempt I thought that was it, I thought I would be dead but then I woke up.

“Not only did they save my life but they gave me a second chance. I didn’t want a second chance at the time but now I do. “

With the help of the TAU team at Salford Royal, Molly has started to walk without her crutches and is able to continue her favourite hobby, dancing.

To donate to Molly’s fundraiser you can visit her Etsy page or alternatively you can visit her GoFundMe

If yourself or anyone you know may be at risk, help and support is available online or via phone at

  • Samaritans – 116 123
  • Shout Crisis Text Line – Text “SHOUT” to 85258
  • YoungMinds Crisis Messenger – for people under 19 Text “YM” to 85258

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