The average food bill cost could increase to £271 after prices continue to rise.

People across the country are struggling to afford their weekly food shop due to growing inflation rates that are rising at their fastest in the last 30 years.

In Salford, locals have access to a variety of shops with reasonable prices, but shoppers are starting to notice the differences in cost.

A Salford precinct shopper said: “Unless they put their hand in their pocket and help us, it’s every man for himself. I’ll even go to the Asda’s in Trafford Park because you used to just be able to get it all on here, but you can’t anymore- A lot of its shutting down.”

According to research company Kantar, retailers such as Aldi and Lidl are popular as ever with sales increasing by 4% in the twelve weeks that their research was conducted.

In April 2000, the average cost of a white loaf of bread was 51 pence. Today, the price is £1.14, and the number is on a steep incline.

Salford aims to tackle the inflation by promoting the real living wage which encourages business’s across the city to pay their employees a minimum of £9.90 per hour.

Another shopper said: “There’s been an increase with a lot of items, so I’ve got to be more selective with what I buy. Even where I shop, I’ve got to be more selective.”



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