FAMOUS for her appearance on The X Factor back in 2012, Lucy Spraggan brought her charm and guitar to Manchester’s Gorilla. Quays News entertainment reporter Amy Williams went down to catch a glimpse of the eccentric acoustic singer…

Seen on The X Factor in 2012, Lucy Spraggan has catapulted her way into success, releasing two albums including ‘We Are‘ last year. In the music industry, seeing a solo female artist playing guitar is somewhat rare, which is what makes Spraggan so special. Being well known for her amazing song writing skills and self-composing, each song has an anecdotal meaning. Recently (February 18), Lucy Spraggan performed at Gorilla in Manchester, after The Dunwells took to the stage as her support.

Kicking off the night was support act The Dunwells who are a four piece rock band from Leeds. They informed that they were performing at the show with only two of the members, as they said that it would be an acoustic set; they both stood on stage with their guitars playing an incredible set of tracks for the crowd. This support act was perfect to compliment Spraggan’s style, and ensured the show started on the right foot.

More and more people poured into Gorilla which made it clear that this was a sold out gig, giving Gorilla a lively atmosphere before Lucy Spraggan even came on stage. When she came out to the crowds, there was an immediate presence that enabled you to connect with her. ‘So High‘ was her first song of the night and it immediately grabbed everyone’s attention. Spraggan’s welcoming personality was instant and she has an easy going aura about her that it is impossible not to fall in love with as she performs or simply stands on stage.

The Dunwells

After her first song had finished, she said: “Manchester is always my favourite place to play,” and maintained a smile of contentment centre stage. Accompanied by piano, the next songs were ‘Join the Club‘ and ‘Lighthouse‘ which increased the audience’s participation as the crowd’s singing became more and more frenetic. It was clear that Spraggan’s fan base is a dedicated one, as the floor of Gorilla was a sea of swaying and cheers in unison. She continued to praise her fans for their involvement with her gig:

“See, three songs in and I already know that you’re my favourite crowd of the tour!”

The most memorable song that Lucy Spraggan played was ‘Dear You‘: a song that she said she had written five days before the tour began. Surrounding mental health, this song was one that drove a message and told a story in a way that was resoundingly impressive and touching. Most of her songs pull on the heartstrings, but this one did more and should be one that she is known for and credited for as her years of success grow. After the song, a fan in the audience even voiced their opinion as they shouted “amazing!” to the stage.

Crowd favourites in the gig were ‘Beer Fear‘, ‘Tea and Toast‘ and ‘Don’t Know Nothing About The Blues‘. With the first couple being performed on X-Factor, they were older classics which excited the audience, with ‘Tea and Toast‘ bringing a tear to the eye.

The funniest story of the night was introducing ‘Don’t Know Nothing About The Blues‘, describing a gig that she played in a blues bar in return for a drink there. Using one of the audience as a demonstration of the scenario, her comedic charisma showed even more.

Lucy Spraggan

The greatest thing about Lucy Spraggan live is that she felt like a friend, and told the audience that they were her friends, too. By making jokes and not recognising her fame, her likeability is an credit to herself, and is noted by everyone watching.

Simple yet effective, Lucy Spraggan is an artist who composes music unlike any other that is dominant in the industry today. Her soft vocals which sometime turn to rap-like verses, along with her lone guitar are what come together to make her a star. When listening to her albums, you can feel the emotion and hear her gift; live, you witness her passion and are tricked into living the story alongside her.

Finishing with ‘Uninspired‘, Spraggan expressed how she didn’t want to leave and wanted to carry on due to her obvious enjoyment. Every song sung and played was enough to bring your hairs standing on end, and in some cases a lump in your throat.

Lucy Spraggan is an artist of raw talent, who can inflict emotion without even trying.

By Amy Williams

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