THE NEXT Step is a Canadian reality-style drama following the lives of a group of dancers, which is broadcast on CBBC. Quays News entertainment reporter Shannon Smilie went along to The Lowry to check it out…

The setting for this tour really made it feel like the audience was watching a show. The theatre was packed with children and their parents, wearing ‘The Next Step’ t-shirts (that could be purchased before entering) and holding up their handmade posters to try and get their favourite cast member’s attention.

Whilst the audience were waiting for the show to start, clips from The Next Step and videos about each cast member were played. This not only helped the audience get to know the cast more but also kept them entertained whilst they were waiting.

The lights turned down to signal the start of the show and the room erupted with excited children screaming. The cast ran on stage and immediately entered into an energetic dance.

The cast ran off stage and the audience were introduced to the host of the show – Deshaun. Deshaun is in the cast of a new CBBC programme called ‘Lost and Found Music Studios’.

He promoted the programme by explaining a bit about it and then called The Next Step cast on stage and introduces them. Deshaun really helped the audience stay excited in-between costume changes throughout the show.

The Next Step performed several impressive group dances, battles, solos and duets. Some of the performances were accompanied with live music from Shane Harte and Sarah (the cast of Lost and Found Music Studios).

After a 20-minute intermission, the cast did a Q&A, allowing the audience to interact and ask them questions about what their favourite dance style was and how long they practice for in a week, for example.

The cast asked the audience to stand up and then taught them a short dance routine. This was a good idea as the children were getting somewhat restless sitting down.

The show as a whole was very comical as cast members were joking with the audience and playing pranks on each other. At one point – James (Trevor Todjman) got a pie in the face after someone asked him what his favourite dessert was during the Q&A. The cast really had the audience laughing the whole way through.

The show ended with a group dance that was performed to The Next Step’s theme song. The audience really felt part of this dance as they sang every lyric to the song. As this was the cast’s last show it ended with a few tears which proved that the show really does mean a lot to them.

By Shannon Smilie

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