BARE Knuckle Parade continued their UK tour last night as the group performed at Manchester’s Whiskey Jar venue. Quays News entertainment reporter Dan Willis went along…

The band label their presence on stage as ‘Sweat drenched, beer soaked pandemonium’ and performing in a venue so aptly named as The Whiskey Jar, they couldn’t have really asked for a better place to play their music.

The night was mainly an open mic night – various unsigned artists took to the stage over the course of the night, with stand-outs, such as Carl J. North, taking to the stage to perform a couple of their hits and have an all-round good time.

They opened up their set with ‘Patchwork’ one of their older hits from their 2014 album ‘Iron Lungs‘, which was also their debut album, and the album which lay the groundwork for their UK tour.

The opening hit was then followed up with their newest single ‘Diamond Eyes‘, a song only just released to the public – but already growing in popularity with the online community, already drawing up over 3,000 views on YouTube.

The band were already receiving maximum support from the audience, who had earlier in the night witnessed the other open mic performances, but the reaction of the crowd for Bare Knuckle Parade topped all others – and this only grew as it led onto their third song of their set.

Their third hit would be ‘Star of Dundee’, another from their 2014 album ‘Iron Lungs’, opened up the party atmosphere of the room and really brought the set to life.

With the kind of sound you’d expect to find in a pub in Dublin, ‘Star of Dundee’ was full of life and really represented the sound of which Bare Knuckle Parade produce in their music, and was the hit which really opened up the band to more neutral members of the audience.

For a young growing band, Bare Knuckle Parade carried themselves with confidence and a lot of passion on stage – and following hits ‘Salt And Ash’ and ‘Last In The Fire’ only emphasised the bright future which is clearly ahead of this talented band.

They finished their set with track ‘Ghosts’, another hit which first arrived on their debut album ‘Iron Lungs’. Their set only compromised of six tracks, but for listeners at the Whiskey Jar it was enough to cast the dye.

Will the band be back in Manchester? If this gig was anything to go by, I can imagine they’ll be back on their next tour.

By Dan Willis

If you want to listen to more of their music – check out a live set they performed in their home town of Bath, which shows them playing their entire soundtrack…

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