MEGHAN Trainor releases her second studio album ‘Thank You’ today (Friday, May 13). Misha Solanki has already had a listen…

When ‘All About That Bass’ dropped in 2014, Meghan exploded onto the scene with a mix of fans and critics due to her lyrics. She seemed to drop out of the limelight slightly with her first album ‘Title’ but fast forward to 2016 and a brown box of hair dye later we’ve got Meghan’s second album ‘Thank You.

The 15 track album contains the single ‘No’ which was released in March 2016 and within a few weeks of being released it went all the way up to number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

‘No’ is a song all about girl power, being an independent woman and not needing a man in your life. With the dance beat and repetitive lyrics, this song was the perfect first release to show her new style and to symbolise what this album was going to be like as a whole.

Trainor has stated in the past that a lot of her inspiration comes from 1950’s music and she tries to bring this vibe into her music while mixing it with a more current style of pop/hip-hop.

Watch Me Do’ is the opening track of the album and straight away all of Meghan’s musical inspiration come out with the song having a strong jazz beat and the lyrics represent this as well ‘and I feel so good, like James Brown in his day’.

She makes no exception of who she is, with this first song giving the impression she is taking no prisoners with this album, she is doing things how she wants to do them.

This jazz feel runs through the whole of the album, in some tracks it’s more prevalent just like in ‘Watch Me Do’ but with it’s constantly there as an underlying theme.

Another key theme that Meghan puts forward in this album is the idea of strong powerful women and this runs through the album with tracks like ‘Better’ which features rapper Yo Gotti and ‘Woman Up’ and this album is actually a nice refreshing change from a female musician. Lyrics with meaning and thought put into them, which was something of a surprise when the only other Meghan Trainor song that comes to mind is ‘All About That Bass.’

Woman Up’ is a song that is similar to ‘No’ in the fact that it has a very catchy beat and lyrics, it’s a song that is all for girl power and has a similar feel to Beyoncé’s ‘Who Run the World’.

Even with all these high powered sing-along songs, there are a certain few tracks that have slowed the tempo down and seem to be more meaningful and personal.

The last three tracks of the album especially, seem to slow the pace of the album down and are a fitting ending to ‘Thank You’.

The last track on the album also called ‘Thank You,’ a collaboration with the duo R City. This song finishes off the album with a summery feel, a really nice basic drum beat and a good message to go along with it.

Overall, ‘Thank You’ is a real surprise to me, the album as a whole has a really refreshing vibe about it and wasn’t what I expected at all. Every song flow wells with the next and the amount of thought that has gone into it, really shows.

By Misha Solanki

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