LONELY The Brave release their second album ‘Things Will Matter’ tomorrow (May 20). Quays News entertainment reporter Andrew Collinson has already had a listen…

Since the release of their debut album ‘The Day’s War’  in 2014, alternative rock band Lonely The Brave have amassed quite a fan base – the number of sold out gigs in the UK and Europe shows their popularity. They have often been compared to the likes of Don Broco and Twin Atlantic, Lonely The Brave, have always been a cut above their peers.

It’s fair to say that their first album was one of the stand-out breakthrough albums of 2014, but the difficult second album is a milestone in itself, as so many bands have failed to match, or even better their first.

‘Things Will Matter’ isn’t drastically different to its predecessor. The album is a mix of ambient rock, fast, catchy tunes and everything in between.  What this record shows is a band evolving, refining their music, but staying true to the first album which has done so well for them.

It is better to think of this album as a collective piece of music rather than twelve individual tracks. Overall it feels so much more mature, beginning slowly with ‘Wait in the Car’, this track alone makes  an impact on its own, however it acts as a perfect pre-cursor to the second track, ‘Black Mire’, powerful with a real sense of occasion, it sets the tone for the rest of this album.

In terms of vocals, ‘Diamond Days’ really shows that this album is a step forward. David Jakes’ vocals stand out incredibly well. With the instruments more subdued, Jakes showcases the lyrics in this song with true emotion, something which wasn’t so prominent in their debut album. Lonely The Brave have the harmonies nailed in this track, it really feels like a collective effort, and shows the versatility of the rest of the band.

Strange Like I’ and ‘Radar’ shift the album up a gear, and provide a welcome dose of grit and adrenaline to a record that seems to be largely played at the same pace.

If there was one downside to this album it would be the production. It is without doubt difficult evenly level different instruments, especially with a band who wish to achieve a huge sound, but Jakes’ vocals can sometimes get lost when a song reaches fever pitch.

Criticisms aside, the album peaks with the final song ‘Jaws of Hell’. Like The Killers at their very best, the track slowly builds up, creating a depth of music like no other song on the album. It collates all the best bits of what this band can do, and what their music is capable of expressing.

The fear was, following the release of ‘The Day’s War in 2014’, that Lonely The Brave would struggle with their second album. ‘Things Will Matter’ has faced those fears, and more than improved on its predecessor.

After creating a sound which will no doubt take some beating, it will certainly be interesting to see where Lonely The Brave go next. For now though, just enjoy the current plethora of atmospheric rock on offer from a band that no doubt has a huge future.

By Andrew Collinson

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