LISBON a four-piece, alternative pop band from Whitley Bay, Newcastle brought their UK tour to Sound Control, Manchester on Tuesday night (May 24). Quays News entertainment reporter Shannon Smillie went along…

Sound Control proved to be an intimate and chilled out setting for the gig, with it’s small space and fairy light decor. Fans chatted amongst themselves and had drinks at the bar as they waited for the show to begin. The three support acts and Lisbon themselves interacted with the audience in-between performances, which made fans feel like these bands where their friends.

Macclesfield three-piece – Cassia, opened the show with some light hearted indie music. They played their original songs as audience members filled the venue, getting the crowd excited for the show from the start.

Cassia supporting Lisbon at Sound Control Manchester
Cassia supporting Lisbon at Sound Control, Manchester

Cassia were followed by energetic four-piece – Saytr Play – who incorporated an alternative mashup of Adele’s ‘Hello’ and Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ into their set. The band played a new song they wrote the week before, making the audience feel special as they where amongst the first few to hear it.

Saytr Play supporting Lisbon at Sound Control, Manchester
Saytr Play supporting Lisbon at Sound Control, Manchester

Four-piece indie pop band – Vynce where the last support act to play before Lisbon came on stage. Each song they played included interesting guitar riffs.

Each support act had a similar sound to Lisbon which proved enjoyable amongst the audience as they danced and really got into the music. The bands joined the audience after their performances and listened to Lisbon together.

Vynce supporting Lisbon at Sound Control, Manchester
Vynce supporting Lisbon at Sound Control, Manchester

There was a noticeable divide between the fans themselves. In front of the stage stood a younger audience who were full of energy; dancing and singing along to each band’s music. At the back of the room stood an older audience, nodding their heads to the beat with a drink in their hand soaking up the music.

An intense atmosphere was created when dramatic lighting shone into Lisbon’s faces as they individually arrived on stage, with Alex Wright playing the drum in the background.

Multi coloured lighting flashed around Lisbon as they played. Every song was upbeat and really got the crowd moving from start to finish.

The lighting stayed bright yellow as the band introduced a song called ‘Bananas’ which got the audience laughing.

The band finished the show by playing their song ‘Rio’ where lead singer Matthew encouraged the audience to clap in time with the music.

Lisbon at Sound Control, ManchesterOnce the last song was played, Lisbon made their way to the back of the room and thanked audience members for coming, as they left. Fans took this time to get photos with the band, hug them, shake their hands and talk to them. This really made the audience feel appreciated by Lisbon and was a heart-warming end to the night.

By Shannon Smillie

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