FOLLOWING a successful first outing as a solo artist, Texan singer-songwriter Ryan Hamilton spoke to Quays News entertainment reporter Nathan Smith. He reveals details of an upcoming album plus what it is like to tour with industry legend Ginger Wildheart…

As far as a first UK tour as a solo artist goes, Hamilton has taken it in his stride.

Speaking previously, the ‘Hell of a Tour’ posed a sense of nerves over a new found territory.

To be then asked right off the back of that tour to assist Wildheart, is something many in the genre can only dream of.

“There is no bullshit when it comes to Ginger,” said Hamilton.

“I learned a very valuable lesson from him. He told me how important it is to be consistent. Being honest, and good etc are all good things to be, but you have to be consistent. Staying true to who you are, and having people know that they can count on you. That leads to real relationships, and real friendships.”

With Hamilton touring under the now established name of ‘Ryan Hamilton and The Traitors’ whilst supporting Wildheart, the pair have proven to be a force to be reckoned with as independent artists.

Still eager to grasp at the straws of knowledge, Hamilton says there is a teacher-pupil feel to their newfound relationship.

“We seem to share a lot of the same ideas and opinions. However, for now it still feels like Ginger is the teacher and I am the student. I’ve already learned a ton… and I love to learn. “

Whilst touring the country with one of the greats, the Texan has somehow managed to record a new track ‘Medicine’.

Despite claiming to never be a “rock band”, fans may be surprised to find an increase in distortion and enticing guitar solos, especially when compared to tracks such as ‘Four Letter Verb‘.

With Hamilton adding “Medicine is a good example of the direction we are heading.”

With the tour nearing its end, the singer-songwriter turns his attention to the eagerly anticipated second album, which is to be the first under the new band name.

The album is yet to be recorded however Hamilton says it will be in Scotland, admitting it to be “an absolutely gorgeous part of the world.”

Spending time away from his wife, visiting many music scenes across the UK, Hamilton previously revealed a love of his facial hair, which has now developed into a full beard – the complete opposite of the clean shaven artist seen before.

Despite his beloved’s requests for the beard to be removed, he insists it stays.

“I’m starting to think the beard is a good luck charm,” he chuckles.

”And it may possibly give me superpowers. The beard stays!”

Whilst on the road, many may take the chance to hunt down Pokemon in the hugely successful mobile game Pokemon Go! but it is a chance that Hamilton has not taken.

“I’m still trying to figure out Snapchat!” he admits  “But my wife loves Pokemon Go! Maybe she can show me how it works.”

Just as long as none have a beard that is…

By Nathan Smith

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