GREATER Manchester Police have announced 100 new recruits will be added to the force in an attempt to engage further with the community.

The first recruits in five years will be attested at a ceremony in Salford before becoming fully operational officers within neighbourhood policing teams across Greater Manchester.

The increase of new recruits will see more police officers on the streets of Greater Manchester.

Deputy Chief Constable Ian Pilling, said: “The introduction of these 100 new officers is part of our commitment to neighbourhood policing across Greater Manchester.

“Many of these recruits will be building upon their experience as former PCSOs or Special Constables and will therefore already have established the skills necessary to succeed in neighbourhood policing”.

From left to right: PC Jenny Edwards, Dan Marshall, and Chris Hatton
From left to right: PC Jenny Edwards, Dan Marshall, and Chris Hatton

One of the new recruits, former PCSO Dan Marshall, said: ”I’m looking forward to putting the expertise that I gained as a PCSO into practise and engaging with members of the community in different ways, learning to understand their needs to make it a safer place to be”

“Communities like to see the police and I want to be one of those officers that’s easily accessible when I’m on the street.

“I don’t want the communities to feel that there’s a barrier just because we wear a uniform.

“At the end of the day we’re there to serve them and ensure we give them the best possible service.”

Fellow PCSO for over seven years Chris Hatton added: “I want to develop my work as a PCSO and make Manchester a safer place to be.”

PC Jenny Edwards, who will be overseeing the new recruits, said: “They will definitely make a difference. They have a good understanding of the community and neighbourhood practices, and they can implement that into the police service.”

As part of their training, the new recruits will be meeting members of the community this week, with visits to Meadowbrook Hospital and Eccles Mosque scheduled.

PC Edwards added: “These are the people we will be serving, it’s only right we go and meet them.”

By Nathan Smith

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