A student house in Salford has become the latest of a number of targeted burglaries, as reports of five student houses within the last month have been burgled.

Rosalind Penny, 20, of Mildred Street, Salford, says she “doesn’t feel safe anymore” after her property was broken into and burgled on October 6.

Penny claims that after returning from a hockey training session with her housemates, they noticed they’re personal belongings including laptops and other technical equipment was missing.

“We got back from hockey practise, and I couldn’t find my laptop, I thought I’d just misplaced it, and then I realised my draws had been through in my bedroom, then I realised my cameras were gone”

Penny also claims over £200 and a camera inherited from her grandmother was taken from the property.

“I just can’t believe this has happened” says Penny “I think we were watched leaving for practise and there’s no sign of how they even got in, we’re all just in shock that this has even happened”.

The news comes as many reports within the Salford student area have been reported as many students occupied the properties at the start of the academic term, which began in September.

A landlord with properties in the area said: “If students have individual doors with locks on, they must lock them. You have to be extra careful. It is essential all people who come to university get contents insurance. Students should be 100% vigilant of doors being locked at all times”

The landlord also advised students to ensure they are fully insured, adding “It is essential for all people who come to university to get content insurance. Students can add themselves to their parents’ home insurance.”

The tenants say that the police have been contacted and urge anyone with information that could help with the repossession of the stolen items is appreciated.

By Nathan Smith


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