FOR anyone dreaming about guilt-free flavour packed cakes; Simone’s is the place for you. 

In just over a month since its opening, this little bakery has proven itself as serious competition to Manchester’s food scene with it’s best-of-both-world cakes that taste delicious, whilst staying healthy. They’re even gluten, vegan, and lactose intolerant friendly, so everyone can grab a slice of the action.

Simone’s offers a range of brownies, cheesecakes and homemade cakes, who have reinvented traditional recipes so each product has no added refined sugar, no butter and is often fat-free. But that’s not to say that these treats won’t satisfy a sweet tooth.

This bakery smartly uses maple syrup, nuts and fruits as the base of many of their goodies, meaning that they are not only sweet, but they envelop a gorgeous natural flavour.

As you walk into Simone’s, it is impossible not to be touched by it’s warming, homely atmosphere. Each cake on display seems to have it’s own personal flare, and demonstrates the keen attentive efforts of the company.

One of the bakery’s many champion cakes has to be the Pistachio and Rose Sponge. Well balancing the wholesome flavours of finely chopped pistachios, with the delicate subtle hints of rose, this cake demonstrates how natural flavours can rival any full fat alternative.

Looking stylish and simple, this cake shows the grounded yet thoughtful take on baking that Simone’s offers. Each slice has a deliciously crumbly texture, that well suits its nutty flavour. On top was a single decorative raspberry, whilst may have only been there for appearance, but added a scrumptious, contrasting sharpness.

Another one of the shop’s star sweets was its revamp of the classic chocolate sponge: their Black Velvet Cake. This dessert is both devilishly indulgent and pure heaven in the way that it delivers rich chocolate flavour whilst staying to the healthy and guilt-free motto of Simone’s.

The dense luxurious sponge brings a depth of chocolatey flavour, which is unbelievably sinless. Complimenting this a rich icing, carrying such a full bodied chocolate taste, that even Mary Berry would be envious of this mind-boggling bake.

Simone’s distinctive desserts really are a dream come true: attractive, full flavour cakes adapted into healthy care-free treats. This bakery is definitely not just one to watch, but one to experience.

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