A NEW Kate Rusby album is always a thing to treasure, and this album, her 14th, is no exception.

Her first new material since 2014’s “Ghost”, this sees the Barnsley nightingale at her finest. This is perfect, warming and soothing music for those long autumn nights ahead.

Kate has a haunting voice that shimmers across every single track. Although the lyrics are mainly rooted in traditional folk style, musically the album is something of a departure.

Rusby’s husband Damien O’Kane takes production duties and brings with him a distinct move into electronic Anglicana, with the subtle addition of programmed drums and a moog synthesizer listed discreetly among the credits.

There has to be a stand out track on every album; on Paper… it’s track 5, “Only Desire What You Have“. It leaps out of the speakers and really gets you tapping your feet, although “Hunter Moon” runs it a very close second.

The title track is a response to the current migrant crisis, showcasing Rusby’s talent for poignant lyrics. Opening track, “Benjamin Bowmaneer” which dates from the late 1800’s reaffirms the traditional folk roots for which Rusby is more readily associated with.

Anyone who simply loves music will enjoy this album. It’s a superb listen from beginning to end.

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