MANCHESTER COLLEGE music students showcased their live performance skills at Band On The Wall as part of a series of weekly music nights designed to promote a hands on approach to learning music with help from Sam Westhead. 

The event is organised by the college’s Head of Music Department Shaun Chambers, who aims to soon develop into a full band nights to appeal to the broad interest of genres from the 400 students.

Since taking over the project a year ago, Shaun took full advantage of the venue in order to harness the talent of the level two and three students – whilst also giving them the essential practice to perform in a live environment.

“It’s a wonderful thing to give music students the opportunity to perform in the heart of Manchester,” he said.

“Most colleges may give them a chance once a year, but we can give them a real live gig experience weekly,

“It’s really important to let them play in a supportive environment, because it allows them to try different things out and no one will boo you off if you make a mistake. It’s a really good thing to do.”


The acoustic night featured original compositions students own compositions laced with a mix of jazz, blues and soul.

There’s also room for unique covers of popular artists such as Coldplay, Adele, and Florence and the Machine.

Providing the Manchester College students with support was Sam Westhead – an established guitarist whose recently launched EP Stories has solidified his growing fanbase.

Originally from St Helens, the musician gave the students advice on performing live prior to the event and answered any questions the students were eager to ask.

“It was really interesting to answer their questions, because six years ago I was in their position – but didn’t have these opportunities growing up. The students are really lucky to be in Manchester and to attend such a huge college, and get the exposure of venues and artists to work with. Its cool.”

You can find Band On The Wall’s upcoming events here.

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