SALFORD banks could be set to move out of the U.K. following the EU referendum last May.

With the decision to vote winning the referendum it has meant that the banks will have to deal with a such significantly higher workload.

Legal issues could hinder their work as well as new export tariffs, making it harder for banks to process transfers between the UK and EU countries.

Many banks have protested than they wished to remain in the EU and given Salford’s vote of ‘out’, the clash in viewpoint might lead to Salford losing one of its branches.

Angela White, Salford resident and Lloyds bank customer, told me that should her bank move she would be disappointed with it being so accessible for her and that she trusts Lloyds and wouldn’t want to switch banks.

This shows the conundrum that people of Salford face with their decision to vote out.

With the drop of the pound, and now the threat of banks moving their branches off shore,  the financial implications of voting out are clear.

Only time will tell on whether the banks fulfill their decision but the fact that it is even a possibility causes great concern for Salford and UK residents as a whole.

Financially, as it stands, the decision to vote out is causing a few early teasing problems.

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